Modern, traditionally styled house

Sadly, respect and responsibility towards tradition have weakened or disappeared entirely in the modern days.The building consists of two spacious floors.

There is a growing demand to revive, preserve and pass on these traditions, particularly among the younger generation. The concept of a traditionally styled home that meets the needs of the 21st century is our answer.


This model can be implemented by using our fast and economical lightweight construction technology, or with traditional methods. Energy efficiency and quality are important considerations in either case.

 Antreu 		 4,20 m2 
 Hol 		 19,20 m2 
 Bucătărie 	 6,20 m2 
 Cămară 	 2,20 m2 
 Baie 		 3,60 m2 
 Dormitor 1. 	 13,40 m2 
 Dormitor 2. 	 13,70 m2 
 Termică 	 3,60 m2 
 Garaj 		 13,60 m2 
 Terasă 		 4,00 m2 
 Verandă 	 6,37 m2 
 Brut 		 115,00 m2 
 Net 		 66,10 m2