Modern bungalow with a panoramic view.

A minimalist style flat roofed house with a layout ideal for young couples or families with just one child. An excellent, functional design avoids unusable space.

The living room, kitchen, and dining room form a single space. Despite a small floor area, there are two bathrooms and two bedrooms, separating the living area of the parents and the children or hosts and guests.
The balcony opening from the living area allows the enjoyment of the local view. The entire forefront is transparent with the option to cover it with sliding doors from the outside. These large glass surfaces offer an experience of being close to nature while the terrace enlarges living space in the warm season.

Owing to the small size of the building, the interior is focused on practicality, with soft earth-tone colors dominant.

 Brut  	 90,00 m2 
 Bedroom 	 13,00 m2 
 Bedroom 	 10,00 m2 
 Bathroom 	 2,46 m2 
 Bathroom 	 3,00 m2 
 Livingroom+ &#13 kitchen 	 35,00 m2