Minimalist lightweight construction single story house

The building has a minimalist external styling. Despite its small size it has two bedrooms, making it an ideal home for a young couple with one young child or an older couple with grown up kids. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it can be built rapidly and economically.

A functional layout consists of a kitchen, living and dining area, two bedrooms and a bathroom, and a terrace outside.

The main entrance is on the south side. The living area opens to the balcony and garden, enlarging the effective living space from spring to autumn. The terrace has a slated roof and side providing a more pleasant experience during summer.
The internal design is simple, clear. The colors of the surfaces and the furniture are complementing each other.

 Dormitor 1. 	 10,38 m2 
 Dormitor 2. 	 11,28 m2 
 Baie 		 4,35 m2 
 Bucătărie 	 19,08 m2 
 Foyer 		 2,99 m2 
 Terasă 		 12 m2 
 Brut 		 72,10 m2

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