Mediterran style lightweight construction house with floor

House with a Mediterranean styling with the size and layout to support a family with several children.

The traditional structure of the building keeps cool even in the summer heat. The layout of the balconies ensures a cool place to rest even in the worst heat of the day.
In the middle of the house is a bright living area, with a semi-open kitchen and dining room. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a boiler room. The building also has two balconies and a garage.

To make the living area as big as possible, there is an enormous terrace at the back of the house. This is an intimate space screened from neighbors for taking meals and entertaining guests.

Two sides of the terrace are closed to protect against heat, but still let plenty of light through to the living room.

There are bathrooms for both the parents and the children’s bedrooms, also giving easy access to guests. The living room separates the rooms of the two generations.

It is built from authentic Mediterranean materials, with earth tones dominating the color palette. The in