Lightweight construction contemporary house.

A family home is built to serve for successive generations. Keeping this in mind we custom build every house in accordance to the needs of the client. This house is an ideal home for a larger family. It has all the functions customers expect from a contemporary home.
On the outside, it follows a simple, modern styling. Clarity and simplicity define the use of materials and colors, with white plaster interspersed with wooden planking for decor.

The building has two storeys. At the ground floor, there is an ante-room, living room, kitchen and dining room, a larder, a bathroom and a study. A boiler room with a separate entrance also belongs to the house.
A wooden staircase connects the levels.

The center of the second floor is a social space from which a room can be walled off if later desired. Two bedrooms with garderobes and a bathroom complete the level. The western bedroom connects to an open terrace.

The dining room and kitchen open to a large terrace and the garden. The goal was to create an intimate place screened from neighbors.
Thanks to a large number of windows, the house is bright, with a garden view on all sides.

 Foyer 		 4,80 m2 
 Cameră de zi 	 18,60 m2 
 Sufragerie 	 12,00 m2 
 Cămară 	 1,00 m2 
 Baie 		 5,80 m2 
 Camera de
 studiu 		 13,90 m2 
 Centru de
 căldură 	 7,20 m2 
 Terasă 		 14,10 m2

 Cameră de zi 	 17,90 m2 
 Baie 		 4,50 m2 
 Dromitor 1. 	 12,50 m2 
 Garderobă 1. 	 2,90 m2 
 Dromitor 2. 	 15,20 m2 
 Garderobă 2. 	 3,60 m2 
 Terasă 		 8,90 m2 
 Brut 		 188,50 m2 
 Net 		 128,80 m2