Modern Cubic house with a 360-degree Panorama.

When planning the house we considered a good connection to the garden and the laying out of a continuous functional space paramount. The flat roofed building merges the modern and minimalist styles. The layout is a perfect square.

The walls of the lower level are entirely transparent. This reflects the inhabitant’s passion for nature and can take full advantage of an ideal site. The upper level has a bold, pronounced wooden planking. The result is a solid looking, harmonic building with clean lines.

The lower level is a large coherent space containing the functions of a living room, kitchen and dining room. The second level is accessed via a staircase in the middle. There is a hidden toilet under the stairs. The stairs end in a small corridor leading to four bedrooms. The children’s rooms look out over the garden at the back. At the front, we find the master bedroom, a study, and a bathroom.

The interior is characterized by quality materials and pastel colors.

 Cameră de zi+
 Bucătărie 	 73,90 m2 
 Baie 		 4,40 m2

 Foyer 		 7,60 m2 
 Baie 		 2,50 m2 
 Dromitor 1. 	 20,30 m2 
 Dromitor 2. 	 18,90 m2 
 Dromitor 3. 	 17,50 m2 
 Cameră de 
 birou 		 12,50 m2 
 WC 		 2,50 m2